What Am I Facing When I Am Charged With A Crime?

Bond hearings, pretrial hearings, and the preliminary hearing

If you or your loved one is jailed, LunaLaw, LLC can help reduce bond to an amount that you can afford or finance so that we can get you out of jail and back to work before you lose your job. The strength of the evidence against you is one of the factors the judge can consider during a bond hearing. It is critical to hire LunaLaw, LLC as soon as possible so Brandon Luna can get the police reports and other evidence and review them prior to arguing to the court why your bond should be lowered.

The pretrial hearing is the perfect time to negotiate a plea agreement with the district attorney. You may be offered an unsolicited plea agreement at this time. You can rely on Brandon Luna's prior experience as a Deputy District Attorney to let you know whether the plea agreement is fair based on the evidence against you, as well as advocate for the most favorable terms possible. Thus, you will have the best information to decide whether to take a plea agreement or have LunaLaw, LLC defend you at trial.

If you are charged with certain types of felonies or are in custody on a felony charge you are entitled to challenge the strengths of the state's case against you in a preliminary hearing. Weak cases can be completely dismissed if there is not enough evidence of your guilt. Even if the case is not dismissed LunaLaw, LLC may be able to get weak charges reduced to lower level crimes with less severe penalties. The sooner you hire LunaLaw, LLC the sooner your case's potential weaknesses can be exposed and your charges reduced or dismissed.

Motions hearings

For the past eight years Brandon Luna has trained and advised police officers and cadets. He only trains them to follow the highest standards when they investigate crimes. They are warned that failing to following his advice and training could lead to evidence being suppressed. This means it could not be used against you. If you hire LunaLaw, LLC to defend you, you are hiring an attorney who can identify even the smallest mistake the police made when they investigated your case. Once these mistakes are identified, LunaLaw, LLC will put together and file motions telling the court how your legal rights were violated by the mistakes made by the police. If the court agrees that these mistakes violated your rights, we can limit the evidence that will be used against you and strengthen our ability to defend your case.

Jury Trial

Brandon Luna has tried over 80 criminal cases including over 50 in front of a jury. If we decide to take your case to trial you will have someone confident, convincing, and professional presenting your case. Brandon Luna's extensive experience allows him to put together trial presentations that clearly and persuasively present your evidence to a jury. His presentations do not waste time making arguments that Brandon Luna is experienced enough to know have no chance of swaying the jury. Instead, his defense work narrowly targets the arguments and evidence negating or limiting your guilt. A poor defense attorney may throw lots of information at a jury, hoping to confuse them with volume. However, as soon as the prosecution pokes holes in some of these arguments, the jury starts to doubt the creditability of the defense as a whole. LunaLaw, LLC focuses on the best arguments because a jury cannot convict you of a crime if they have a reasonable doubt about your guilt. Focusing on the most reasonable and logical arguments gives the jury the most doubt and leaves them no choice but to find you not guilty.