Domestic Violence Defense

Mesa County and Grand Junction Domestic Violence Defense

The last thing that you want to hear is that you are being arrested for a crime of Domestic Violence. This arrest can lead to incredible hardship. First, you got arrested. Second, you were served a protection order that immediately takes away your right to possess a firearm, your ability to go home, and, sometimes, your ability to see your children. Third, on top of these immediate problems, a conviction for a crime of domestic violence will permanently take away your right to possess a firearm, result in months of expensive treatment, and carries the possibility of jail time. LunaLaw, LLC is there to protect your rights

Delta Domestic Violence Attorney

Fortunately Domestic Violence charges are often defensible if you have an attorney with the training and experience to expose the weaknesses in the case against you. By law, the police are required to make an arrest when a person alleges a crime of domestic violence. This means the police arrive on scene focused on making an arrest instead of trying to uncover the truth. This rush to arrest leads the police to jump to conclusions, make assumptions, and ignore evidence.

Montrose Domestic Violence Lawyer

LunaLaw, LLC expertly analyzes your case to identify the shortcomings of the police investigation. Often the police make an arrest based on a victim's statement even though it is often full of exaggerations and sometimes is an outright lie. We will expose any and all false statements and use them to defend your rights because no case can stand when it is built on lies. Other times the police will ignore valid self-defense claims. If you have a valid self-defense claim, Brandon Luna will help you use the facts and evidence to prove it. Finally, things that happened hours or even days before and after the arrest may explain and excuse your actions. While the police too often assume your history with the victim does not matter we will investigate it fully. With Brandon Luna's representation their assumptions, baseless conclusions, and lack of investigation will not unfairly convict you.