Meet LunaLaw, LLC

At LunaLaw, LLC, we focus all of our resources on providing exceptional client service in the full range of criminal defense and family law matters. No matter the complexity of your situation, we will develop a thorough case strategy. While we will attempt to reach a resolution through negotiation and mediation, we will prepare as if the matter is heading to court. Clients rely on our professionalism and tenacity.

Skillful representation to help you avoid a lifetime of regrets

As a former prosecutor, firm founder Brandon Luna handled more than 5,000 felonies, misdemeanors, DUI charges and traffic violations. Now he makes that knowledge of and experience with criminal law available to you. Being charged with a crime is life-altering. At LunaLaw, LLC, we know the emotional and financial toll it can take. We help good people who have made a mistake navigate through the confusing and often scary criminal justice system.

Trying The Evidence

Brandon Luna knows the methods and techniques the government will use against you. He also knows the government's weaknesses. He will do everything he can to poke holes in its case. He will use his experience evaluating thousands of cases and training police in the proper way to investigate crimes, search for evidence and make arrests to determine whether they made any mistakes. He will discuss with you how those mistakes may improve your case so you will have all the information you need to decide whether to accept a plea agreement or take your case to trial.

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If you have questions regarding criminal defense or family law, schedule a consultation with an attorney at LunaLaw, LLC. We can be reached by phone at 970-765-8055 or through our convenient online contact form.

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