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Delta, Colorado, Criminal Law Attorney

LunaLawExperienced Litigator

As a former prosecutor, Brandon Luna handled over 5000 felonies, misdemeanors, DUI charges and traffic violations. Now he makes that knowledge and experience of criminal law available to you. Being charged with a crime is life altering. At LunaLaw, we know the emotional and financial toll it can take. At LunaLaw, we help good people who have made a mistake navigate through the confusing and often scary criminal justice system.

Trying The Evidence

Brandon Luna knows the methods and techniques the government will use against you.  He also knows the government's weaknesses.  He will do everything he can to poke holes in the government's case.  Together we will work to get you the best possible resolution. At LunaLaw your case gets a detailed and honest evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Brandon Luna will use his experience evaluating thousands of cases and training the police in the proper way to investigate crimes, search for evidence, and make arrests, to determine whether the police made any mistakes and discuss with you how those mistakes improve your case. After this discussion, you will have all the information that you need to decide whether to accept a plea agreement or take your case to trial.

Montrose Criminal Defense Lawyer

If we decide to take the case to trial, you want LunaLaw at your side presenting your case. Brandon Luna has tried over 80 cases. Most of these cases were incredibly complex and involved multiple witnesses, numerous experts, boxes of evidence, and days of testimony. He worked with experts from all areas of the forensic sciences including toxicologists, DNA experts, and medical professionals. With LunaLaw you will get a dynamic, powerful, and intelligent defense that highlights the weaknesses in the prosecution's charges and the strengths of your case.

In addition to criminal defense, LunaLaw also offers services in estate planning, family law, immigration law, landlord/tenants, HOA, mechanics liens, and consulting.

If you live on the Western Slope of Colorado, and seek knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate criminal defense representation, please contact Brandon Luna for your free 1/2 hour initial consultation.

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